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Be it a new extension, a ‘green’ roof or the upgrade of an existing building to a ‘warm’ roof to comply with current Building Regulations, Dryseal can provide the solution for your domestic project. Because Dryseal can be easily used in a re-roof using the existing roof deck (as long as it is in good condition) with the addition of insulation to form a ‘warm’ roof, the cost benefits of the system become rapidly obvious. Reduces long-term risk as Dryseal is guaranteed against leaks for 20 years.

Lower embodied CO2 than any other roof covering system.

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Dryseal can be used for a wide range of commercial installations, such as this private hospital in Sligo, Ireland, where the original failed asphalt roof was overlaid with 100mm insulation and Dryseal. The resultant improvements in have resulted in a huge saving in heating costs and a “perfect” roof, to quote the hospital Maintenance Manager. Dryseal’s ease of detailing, robust resistance to damage, extensive colour choice and aesthetics have led to repeated use by major clients across the UK and Ireland.

Dryseal has been successfully installed for over 20 years and continues to be the first choice.

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The market-leading Dryseal mechanically-fixed component based GRP roofing system comes complete with an insured 20 year ‘leak free’ guarantee. Approved Contractors. Dryseal has been available in the UK since the 1980’s and was introduced into the Irish market during 2012. As a result of the changes in Irish Building Regulations in early 2014, the system has increased in popularity for domestic and commercial installations all over Ireland.

With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, we have unrivalled expertise when it comes to the development, manufacturing and distribution of our premium quality products.

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Dryseal can be fitted with decorative ‘rib’ trims which help give the appearance of a roll on a lead roof. The system has been widely used on Grade 1, 2 and 2* listed buildings, as approved by English Heritage, National Trust and Historic Scotland. Costed over a 50 year lifespan, Dryseal can be refurbished ‘in situ’ and extending the installed life of the system way beyond that of other roof coverings, at considerably lower costs. The system holds highly regarded ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation.

The total lack of scrap value in Dryseal eliminates any worth to the metal thief.

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